Thursday, 29 August 2013

Otley Summer Wedding Outfit

Recently attending my boyfriends brothers wedding gave me an excuse to splash some cash on a fancy frock and accessories. Nothing much had caught my eye in the months leading up to the wedding and I began to wonder if I would ever find the perfect dress for the occasion.

One night whilst browsing through various fashion pages on Instagram I found THE one, the hunt was on to find the whereabouts of this dress and after many Google searches I found it. Ready to order the dress that my heart was set on, I found the website was down. However, a quick email over to the Australian company and all was sorted and my dress was on its way to me in England.

The next part of my outfit was a beautiful linen  60's style dress coat I had seen in Zara 2 weeks before which I had decided to hold back from buying until I had decided on a dress, 2 weeks too late and it had sold out. To my advantage the exact same cut of coat came out in a pastel orange which I fell in love with even more and would be able to pair this piece with multipul outfits once the wedding was over. It must have meant to be as online it was sold out but with hope in my heart I visited a store 1 hour from where I live and there it was the last one left in my size and half price. Later that day we where about to leave the shopping outlet when I wanted to pop into Phase Eight, I'd never noticed shoes in this small store before but on a sale wrack stood 4 pairs of shoes one being the perfect shade of orange to go with my outfit and yet again in my size with an awesome price reduction from £120 - £18 for real suede, this really was my day.

The day before the wedding we all traveled down to Otley, by all I mean 7 women, 2 men and a dog along with 9 cakes as the mother of the groom made them, squished into a mini van and hoping the dog wasn't hungry for cake. Arriving there safely we checked into Otley Country Chevin where the wedding was taking place in beautiful woodern cabins. The wedding day came and I had the honour of doing the make up and hair for the bridesmaids who don't usually wear makeup and so I didn't want to overwhelm them or make them uncomfortable on a big day so I did a very natural look for them. After fiddling around with hair and makeup I had 30 minutes to get myself ready and get to the reception. A lovely service, speeches, food and a great band with a night full of dancing the day was over with and I was definitely ready for the outdoor hot tub the next day.

Dress - Xenia Boutique
Coat - ZARA
Shoes - Phase Eight

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Beth x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Charity Shop Floral Collection

So after a trip or two around my local charity shops I seem to have gathered a few items I couldn't leave behind, I'm such a sucker for anything with a floral theme as you may have guessed and I often have to reason with myself as to what I may do with such items and often ask myself "do I really need this & where am I going to put it" usually siding with the devil on my shoulder who says just get it, it will go somewhere! This has lead to quite a collection which was bordering on an obsession, though recently I have been 5 weeks clean of entering a single charity shop (round of applause). Lets be honest a lot of us have been sucked in to the chic, vintage, mend and up do look which Cath Kidson hit the nail on the head with and we've gone crazy for the English coastal and country home look, which in my opinion isn't a bad look if you do it right.

What I love the most about these bone china plates is the attention to detail,design and the colouring of each individual plate , there's something quite comforting which reminds me of playing tea party's at my grandmas when I was young and that perhaps is another reason for why I cant help myself from buying these treasures, especially when such things come in at the price £1.49 for all three as the top and bottom ones pictured where to be thrown away because of minor chips I got them for FREE!

 These are the most recent ones as the rest are in storage until I move out.

Let me know in the comments what's your best charity / thrift shop steal is.

Beth x

Monday, 19 August 2013

1st Post

Well hello there, firstly thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post which I must say has been a long time coming. I've been wanting to create a blog for a while now as I've been inspired by others to share my love for beauty, fashion, food and fitness, so here I am finally writing the first of many more posts to come. You're possibly wondering why haven't I started my blog until now and the reason for that is my undecisive nature and the few options for blog names, as a perfectionist this wasn't going to happen until I found a name I was happy with, I've also recently volunteered for a year and a half, taking up much spare time. Throughout my future posts you can expect me to be blogging about such things as product reviews, outfits of the day, meal diaries, hauls, travelling, tips and tricks, around with me, and whatever my fancy at the time is.
Please bare with the simple layout I'm still learning!

Hope you can join me on my journey.

Beth x