Friday, 14 March 2014

Moving House

Finally I have time to sit down and write this long awaited blog post, if you haven't guessed by the title I've just moved out from my family home into my own place with Oakley, my boyfriend, and boy-o boy it has taken longer than I thought.

I've never lived away from home before but the time had come to move out and have a place to call my own, express myself,  grow and move up a level in my life and after months of looking up properties, options and viewing places we took the plunge and sided with a small, well decorated place with private parking, great view and in a good area. There's a few cons which come with a small place such as lack of storage and no private garden but nothing we can't live without for now and a lot more space than I had living at home.

 It has been an experience which has a mixture of emotions, some I've found really exciting and some rather stressful as you can expect with sorting out suppliers, packing and unpacking ect. One of the many exciting point of having your own place in my opinion is being able to express my own style beyond the four walls of my bedroom. Something I have bought into and collected over the years to the point of having to store boxes in my parents loft and cram into my own bedroom while I lived at home minimising the space I had left and built up quite a collection of home decor. We are slowly building up our collection of items needed for the flat and nothing a few more shopping trips can't fix! :D

So far we have been living at our new apartment for five days and can honestly say we love having our own space to do what we want when we want and how we want its great to have our own space and freedom . All is well except my need for things to always be tidy and neat which is beginning to annoy myself but thats my new found house proud making a show and revealing its self. This is deeming quite difficult living with a barista whose addiction to caffeine needs feeding 2-3 times a day consisting of coffee grounds all over the worktops, floor and sink… Such challenges arise while living with a messy person but does make up for it in cup of tea making duties and looking after me while I nurse a cold which I am seriously sick of blowing my nose every other minute.

From now on you will be seeing a few more home decor and DIY post from myself and possibly home hauls? 

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Thanks for reading!
Beth x