Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Apartment Inspiration & Design Style Ideas - Making It Your Own!

Hi guys, as you may already know if you keep updated with my blog entries I've moved into my own place. The first thing about making somewhere your own and the most exciting part in my case is the design and theme that runs through your house / rooms showing off your design skills.. if any, and enables you to express your personality and style through chosen inanimate objects.

A personal hobby of mine influenced by my love for interior design has been scouring through the internet and magazines collecting images into a folder on my desktop for inspiration, (is there only me who does this?) something I love doing, and always will and is to lust over amazing interiors, furnishings which I will possibly never come across or afford. 

Heres a few images I've collected as inspiration for my home and aim to eventually achieve. As you can see I'm drawn to rustic coastal interiors because of the natural colours, textures and materials that compliment one another creating a calming vibe. By having such interior it is easy to interpret a warm or cool setting by adding small details of colour with decorative objects.
Talking about decretive objects I'm a sucker for anything with a 'boho' pattern, particularly if it includes white and blue its in.

My first design style idea, is a clean, nordic, pretty home sort of style, very light and bright. My only fear is it becoming too pretty, girly and quite Cath Kidston-ish, so I will be working on bringing in more organic natural textures to roughen it up.

Here on the other hand I am also drawn towards a very natural boho style as you can see from the two pictures collages  my favourite colour is blue in any shade, shape or form it comes in. Still wanting to keep a costal theme with natural woods and touches of white furnishing I hope to pull this off and put together these styles making them sit together, looking pretty! Check back for more post as the journey continues.

Thanks for reading guys, please let me know of any artists, designers or stores I may be interested in by following/subscribing to any of my social networking medias and to keep updated with my day to day life.

Beth x