I created my blog as somewhere to express and document my personal passions and experiences  Something I missed documenting and being creative after finishing school and college where I studied Art and Design along with part time courses of fashion and print making.

 My whole life I have being brought up inspired by my two grandmothers one whom was a painter and the other a seamstress always influencing me to be creative, my father who can pretty much make, fix or mend anything, my mother who is an amazing cake maker, decorator and business woman which I believe has impacted my life with a love for food, crafts and perfection. What better way to express my enthusiasm for sharing and being part of a online community with my readers than this blog!


My name's Beth, 20 year old, gemini. I live in a coastal town which I am always inspired by and am constantly learning from everything around me. What you can expect from my blog is my thoughts, inspiration and ideas on any of my new found discoveries wether that be food, fitness, crafts, fashion or any exploring I do.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment and follow my blog it means a lot to me knowing you've enjoyed reading what I spend my spear time to write, you're all helping me towards getting a little more closer to where I want to be.

Shoe Size -UK  6

Dress size - UK 10

Height - 5ft 5

Business only  - staircasetostyle@gmail.com

 I blog as a hobby and do not get paid as all products are purchased by yours truly and if not will be stated so. All content on this blog is my own word for word, image for image and any sourced images are credited.