Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Outfit Of The Day


The last days of summer are upon us and to be honest we have been lucky to have held onto the sun for this long, I certainly can't remember a summer as good in my life time. 
The legs where out yet again and for possibly the last glimpse of sunlight this year before the return of the doom and gloom weather of which England has plenty to offer us. 
I've been in love with these Levi's shorts since the day I cut them free from there previous form as a pair of jeans. I found the Levi's in jean form in a local charity shop and thought I'd give it a go to save some cash after seeing the price Urban Outfitters where charging for them, I couldn't go wrong and could have them taylor fit to how I wanted them.  

Pairing this beautiful crochet style top with the Levi's shorts brings a pop of colour to the outfit and a cute beachy look.

For shoes I went for the white Converse which have been a staple item in my wardrobe for the past year as they are so comfy and versatile and go with so many outfits I honestly don't no what I would have done without them this year and think I may need to repurchase because I've worn the life out of them, they are on the brink of falling apart but definitely worth buying a pair if your thinking about it. 

Top - TK Maxx
Shorts - Charity shop
Converse - Schuh

Beth x 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

My First Car - Skoda Citigo Sport

I've recently become the owner of my first car in co ownership with my boyfriend as I was learning to drive in his car which drastically fell apart on the way back from our trip to Scotland forcing us into looking at a new car or another second hand car. Weighing up the options, such as problems that could arise with another secondhand car and the extremely good deal on a new car we opted for the latter.

Being a learner driver I needed a car with a low insurance group, cheap to run and nothing too big whereas my boyfriend wanted a fun car and nothing boring to drive. In the end I had three choices which I progressed to the to test drive stage, Citroen DS3, Skoda Fabia and the Skoda Citigo Sport. When going to the dealerships the offers you see aren't always as good as they seem, the Citroen DS3 was a lovely car but not the right deal for us, they enticed us in with zero percent finance but this turned out to be pretty much impossible to get. We then looked at the Fabia, which we both liked but found the deals and engine combinations unattractive. Then, like the three bears porridge story we found the one that was just right! The Citigo Sport, a fabulously fun and cheeky little car, perfect finance options and we got £1500 worth of extras for FREE, including leather  steering wheel with red stitching, gear stick surround, handbrake, touchscreen infotainment device, limited edition alloys, privacy glass and above all else the go faster stripe. 

There were three choices of colour when buying the Citigo Sport which are white, red or black (an extra £500 in black) we decided on red as white would show the dirt too often and we weren't going to pay an extra £500 for black. However, there was only only red one around, currently in the docks! We had to wait... Three weeks later we got to to pick up our first car together and ever since we have been extremely happy with it.

It suits both our needs and desires perfectly, for me it's small, easy to park and very cheap on insurance. For my other half it is responsive, engaging and fun. Also, it's 3 cylinder petrol engine manages to average around 55mpg and costs us precisely £0 to tax! A more complete package is hard to imagine.

I have also now booked my driving test which is on the morning of Halloween! Wish me luck.

Beth x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Clean Eating, Gluten / Lactose Free What I Ate Wednesday 1.

So today I thought I'd do a quick blog on what I ate today. I like to think I'm quiet healthy and in some ways my allergies to gluten and lactose help make me a healthier person in the way I can't go eat cake, biscuits, ice cream or chocolate when I feel like it although I do break the rules and have a sneaky piece. 


I think a really good way to start off the day is with a healthy, nutritious and tasty breakfast, as long as your enjoying your food and it doesnt feel like a chore to eat healthy your going to keep it up, so adding and changing up your favourite fresh / dried fruits, seeds, nuts and spices is a really good way to keep it interesting.
 My favourite breakfast at the moment is soya yoghurt with blue berries, dried mango, flax seed and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 


Throughout the weekdays of the week I always eat organic homemade food. African sweet potato casserole is my all time favourite lunch time meal, I like to have my heaviest meal at lunch as it keeps me full until my next meal and I burn it off throughout the day.


A nice light meal to finish the day with and i don't usually fancy anything too heavy after an evening gym session although I do get major munchies and try not to spoil the work I've just done at the gym. This meal is quite a simple salad of spinach, lettuce, celery, red peppers, tomato humus and seasoned quorn chicken.

The past 2 months I have only just started really looking at what I eat in more detail to try trim and tone up a little. I've ate good healthy food since I met my boyfriend 6 years ago as he was into fitness and from a big foodie family, since then my diet just seems to be getting better especial now I am keen and interested to make more of a change to my body.

Hope these meals help to inspire you to eat more healthy and I think I may do more of these 'what i ate Wednesdays' in the future.

Beth x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Casual Summer Outfit Of The Day - Melon Theme

V neck t shirt - GAP
Shorts - New look
Shoes - Topshop
Ring - Gift Shop

Waking up on a morning and opening my blind is like revealing my mood for the day, not literally but when it's sunny I think we tend to be happier within ourselves, this morning I woke up to blue sky and the sun beaming through the trees.

An important aspect of getting dressed for me is wether or not the weather is going to stay how its predicted to, who likes to be weighed down by a unneeded jumper, umbrella and many other things in their handbag, not me. So taking a gander around my garden or if I'm in a rush sticking my head out the window, I like to feel the temperature and how windy it is whilst calculating if the sun will be beaten by the clouds. Something I've become quite good at predicting myself this summer (raises eyebrows).

I decided it was a great day to wear my much worn and loved melon print shoes, sticking with the melon theme and the fact it was hot weather I decided to put together a casual and cool outfit for the day, with a bright pastel pink top and green shorts to compliment each other. I really love how the block colours work so well together and it was an outfit I didn't really have to think about. I tend to be quite a casual dressed person because of my job during in the week as I need to be cool, comfortable and free moving.

Since the beginning of summer all I seem to have worn is shorts and now fall is on the horizon I'm holding on to every sunny day we have left by wearing them.

Beth x