Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Casual Summer Outfit Of The Day - Melon Theme

V neck t shirt - GAP
Shorts - New look
Shoes - Topshop
Ring - Gift Shop

Waking up on a morning and opening my blind is like revealing my mood for the day, not literally but when it's sunny I think we tend to be happier within ourselves, this morning I woke up to blue sky and the sun beaming through the trees.

An important aspect of getting dressed for me is wether or not the weather is going to stay how its predicted to, who likes to be weighed down by a unneeded jumper, umbrella and many other things in their handbag, not me. So taking a gander around my garden or if I'm in a rush sticking my head out the window, I like to feel the temperature and how windy it is whilst calculating if the sun will be beaten by the clouds. Something I've become quite good at predicting myself this summer (raises eyebrows).

I decided it was a great day to wear my much worn and loved melon print shoes, sticking with the melon theme and the fact it was hot weather I decided to put together a casual and cool outfit for the day, with a bright pastel pink top and green shorts to compliment each other. I really love how the block colours work so well together and it was an outfit I didn't really have to think about. I tend to be quite a casual dressed person because of my job during in the week as I need to be cool, comfortable and free moving.

Since the beginning of summer all I seem to have worn is shorts and now fall is on the horizon I'm holding on to every sunny day we have left by wearing them.

Beth x

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