Thursday, 21 November 2013

Driving test success!

Not the most interesting of topics from the title but my blogs flow from what's happening in my life at the moment and 3 years after sending off for my provisional licence and after a 2 year gap in lessons and buying a car 3 months ago I finally surpassed my New Years resolution and passed my driving test 2nd time lucky. So with this experiance I thought I would share some knowledge and tips with you guys who have yet to do your test. 

1 - My first tip would be, always ask questions: if you have a question for your instructor which you come across while not in your lesson write it down or text your instructor, they know the right answer and it helps you to remember the next time you're in the situation on what to do when in your test.

2 - Don't panic, this is something I did when first learning to drive, yes you're in control of a vehicle which can be dangerous but you need to be calm to be safe. If your learning in your instructors car they usually have dual control so if it comes to the worst they will stop it from happening. One of the worst situations which many people get flustered over is stalling, it's awful especially when you start to panic and can't get it started which leads to more stalling , frustration, anger and upset. It's very important that you need to be calm and collected and concentrate on what you're doing.

3 - Patience is key at junctions and roundabouts trying to quickly pull out in front of cars can be worse than you think and especially a bad habit to pick up before your test, it's better to get a minor for being hesitant than a major for being dangerous and instantly failing your test.   

4 - Practise, if there's something you're not confident at go practise it over and over again until you are confident that you can do it. Practise makes perfect.

5 - One way road trick, if you're unsure whether you're on a one way road or not check which way the cars are parked it's usually a good indication. 

6 - Gears, one thing I first struggled with was going from 5th gear down to 4th and getting lost to wether I was in neutral or a gear. I was taught a trick which is very simple. Whilst in 5th simply knock it into neutral and straight down to 4th it sounds stupidly simple but instead of doing it all in one move I found it simpler to do it in 3 steps and have never been lost in the gears since.

7 - Reverse park trick, the trick I was most thankful for, my instructor taught me this trick a week before my test it's a test saver as I just couldn't reverse park within 3 movements. 
Step 1: pull up beside the car your reversing around.
2: as your back seats are inline with the back of the car your reversing around turn the wheel LEFT all the way around once. 
3: now look out your left wing mirror and as the wheel trim meets the curb start turning the wheel RIGHT two full turns.
4: as the car starts straightening  up with the car in front (the car you just reversed around)  turn the wheel one full turn LEFT to make sure your tyres are straight.
In some situation you may need more left or right hand down but using this as a rule or thumb it works.
WALAH you can reverse park and since being taught this trick I can do it every time.

8 - Picking your test time, where I live the most busiest times are school times, start and finishing, I managed to avoid the dreaded lolly pop men, children running around and crossing situations, to stop or not to stop. Observe different times in your town and pick wisely. 

9 - Get to know your car, if you have your own car this is easy as in the test you will be driving in the car you practise in. The first time I began to learn driving I was in my parents car and practising in that but having lessons in my instructors car was making little improvement as I was used to a car with a high rev and petrol whereas my instructors car which was a brand new car and diesel powered.

10 - booking your test. When you get are ready to book your test you may want to think about it in advance, perhaps when you're about 2-3 week away from being ready for the big day as it can be 1 month until the earliest space available and if like me you don't  want to be waiting around and spending money on unnecessary extra lessons which cost a bomb, but not to worry if so you can change the date of your test online up to 6 times and keep checking daily for cancelations as I managed to get my test a week earlier than originally book from a cancelation at a much better date and time.

Thanks for reading and hope some of my tips and tricks help you.

Beth x


  1. Congratulations on passing your test! This is such a useful post as ever since applying for my provisional last march, I've been really on-off with lessons. I just get so nervous about lessons and start to panic! xxx


    1. Im really glad it can be of some help to you! What id do if i was you is focus on getting your theory passed if you haven't already,then when thats out the way its one less thing to have on your mind. Then have 2 lessons a week as i found having 1 lesson a week aloud me to forget things and get into the habit of making silly mistakes, you will find you start feeling confident with the instructor and the car, as the more you drive the more natural it becomes and your instructor will let you know when your ready for the test! :) Good Luck!