Monday, 4 November 2013

Winter Home Touches

I'm back but only a few days off track as life has been very busy lately with a short break in Scotland and revamping my boyfriend's coffee bar, Crema Espresso as he's just won UK's BEST LATTE award! Click the link to check out the blog he's just started if you're into great coffee. So with that happening I haven't had anything too exciting to report, but recently with all the seasonal excitement  of halloween I've being missing having to fuss about carving my pumpkin and the glow in the dark selections hanging around the place and seeking the more warming and comfort homely touch of winter as it's definitely not time for the Christmas decs to go up.

My first winter home improvement are these fairy lights wrapped around the frame of the bed which help the cold nights feel much cosier with the warm golden glow they give off, also reminding me its almost christmas, yay!

This contraption is something I made whilst in Scotland as I was inspired by a woodland walk we went on which was hosting an arrange of natural sculptures.I started collecting forest ground items such as the acorns, fur cones, feathers and branches I got to work creating this natural winter themed indoor mobile using wool to attatch the hanging pieces. Not does it only look good it was actually quite fun, passed the time and was free.

I'm quite obsessed with lighting candles on an evening and I think it can add a mood and brighten up the cold evenings. At the moment I've only purchased the small versions of these Yankee Candles as I find they smell completely different when they are burning which makes choosing one hard for me to decide on one candle incase I hate the smell of it when lit. Here we have; the halloween special - Candy corn, black cherry, mandarin cranberry and not forgetting hot cider! Let me know your favourites by commenting any seasonal candles that you can reccomend. 

The next thing isn't really home decor at all but I've really being enjoying snuggling up in bed with a cup of tea and watching a good film and so far I've resisted watching Chalet Girl for the millionth time and purchased some pre owned films from CEX for next to nothing. 

Thank you for reading lovelys.

Beth x 

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