Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Year new you, eat clean, train mean.

Entering the second month of year and yet another month closer to warmer weather, YES! As New Years resolutions go many of us promise to ourselves to achieve some sort of health or fitness goal for the year or even just to make it through the first month to achieve that bikini body, hopefully. 
Last year my health and fitness goal was to eat healthier and gain tone to my body which I can say has been successfully achieved and is now part of my everyday routine.
Each and every meal I consume in the week in and out is made from scratch and I usually make it to the gym 3-4 times a week to weight train and run 2-3 miles each day I go. 

I start each morning off with 50 jumping jacks, 50-60 squats and 60 intercepting dog leg raises befor work.
Breakfast is always soya yoghurt with berries, dry mango and sometimes flax seed or cinnamon, I used to always hate breakfast and got bored of cereal, toast ect which had to change when I became gluten intolorent and discovered my favourite breakfast which I have consistently had for the past year! 

 For lunch I usually have an array of casseroles and curries or steamed vegetables, rice and either Quorn or chicken throughout the week and a banana or apple around 4pm then head to the gym and have my dinner after Which is usually a light meal like soup with nothing extra to ensure I have my smallest meal last.On a weekend I relax a bit from my stricked meal regime but still ensure my 3 main meals are somewhat healthy and made from scratch.

I'm completely transformed starting last year off at 9 stone 10 pounds and am now currently 8 stone 7 from loosing weight yet gaining muscle. Once believing that weight training would make me look all macho man to now living proof that's not the truth at all and realising it's my most favourite part of going to the gym and something I've really enjoyed doing and in seeing the changes in my body. A fun fact for weight training is that for every pound of muscle you gain your burn an extra 50 calories off while at resting! What's not to love.

I've never being happier or more confident with how I look in my life and it's just down to eating clean, exercising and realising  if you want it, you've gotta work for it, sitting watching mindless tv and eating processed foods aren't going to help you reach them goals. Yes it will take a long time to see all the hard work you've put in but it's well worth it. 

This year my New Years resolution is to control my meal portion sizes and to push myself harder at the gym to continue seeing my gains. Hope this helps convince yet inspire you at least to make a change towards a happier you.

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Beth x 


  1. We too hope to eat clean and stay fit this year! it's great to read that you're happy at the moment. Keep it up!! ps. the fruit salad looks delicious!

  2. Thank you and I'm sure you will manage to succeed with your wishes for this year, you too keep up the good work. :)