Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Small Primark Haul

Just a quick one today, what I have for you is a small Primark haul, as you will know the store either has absolutely nothing or some bits you're really loving, all at the price of battling through the crowds and scanning through the maze of rails for something worth while. This time I was quite impressed with what I managed to find.

Whenever making the pilgrimage to Primark I have to visit the home wear section, especially now I have my own place to decorate. Spurred on by ThePersianbabe recent haul I headed out with hope for something up my alley and to much avail I came away with this little beauty, a lace trimmed and cut out patterned scatter cushion, so in LOVE  and brightens up my love sofa perfectly.

Also in the home wear section I checked out the candles. I've recently seen some reviews raving about the sweet vanilla & coconut scented version which first sparked my interest, is this really true... a candle at such a low cost that actually leaves a scent in your room further than the distance of having your nose burnt off and at a burning time of 30 hours. I decided to be different and went for the Fresh Citrus & Ginger scent, lighter in hand and high expectations it sure didn't disappoint, over all a huge price drop compared to your usual candle splurge, it does what it's supposed to and smells great, a really good one for summer!

Now who doesn't love the Simpsons? I couldn't leave this uber cool set of pj's behind, look at them they are screaming awesomeness or is that just my opinion, anyway they are my new favourite pair. Along side them being amazing they are really comfortable and cool for these summer nights, a must have in my opinion.

Something you should know is I have lived on only one pair of sunny's for the past two years now which I bought from Primark and yet hadn't found anything to better them until recently, coming across the blue tinted Ray Ban clubmaster's. In fear of them looking awful on me and waisting my cash I never got around to taking the plunge and purchasing such item, thanks to good old Primark for saving the day and my bank balance!

Candle - £3.50
Pillow - £5
Pj's - £5
Sun Glasses - £3.50
See you soon
Beth x

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