Thursday, 3 October 2013

September Monthly Favourites

Welcome to my first monthly favourites, I've been keeping note of some of my favourite things I've discovered and re-discovered this September within beauty, gaming and a new found hobby to share with you all. So lets get to it!

Bodyshop's Squeaky Clean Tea Tree Scrub
Starting with a product I first tried out about 2 months ago as I had a few bad spots and wanted to try something natural that wasn't going to irritate my skin further. I came across this scrub while out shopping and decided to give it a go as the Body Shop is known for sourcing fine ingredients for each of their products. I have literally used this everyday since I bought it and it's great for removing all the grease from your face without drying your skin out, using micro-fine exfoliants with bursting beads to help unclog your pores and it won't rob your bank at small cost of £6.50 it lasts a long time for the size as I'm still on the same tube I started out with. It has minimised and taken away the majority of my spots. 

Boots Essentials Facial Exfoliating Sponge
A great item for a great price, you can't go wrong with this purchase. It's great for taking away the dead skin cells without damaging your skin and so satisfying when see what comes off your face. All you need to do is use it with your favourite facial wash, scrub, I'm currently using it with the Bodyshop squeaky clean tea tree scrub, then dampen the sponge and in circular motions gently exfoliate and rise off making your skin super soft! Its fragrance free and suitable for all skin types too, which is great for me as I have quite sensitive skin.

Maybelline Baby Lips
Recently baby lips has become available to buy in the UK so after all the hype I had to try them out. The packaging is very enticing with the bright exciting colours and each balm a different sort of moisturising or care benefit along with flavour which is really why I love wearing them for the taste. I found the application of the balm very surprising as I expected quite a heavy sticky texture left on my lips but it was completely opposite, a thin layer that glides onto the lips like silk which leaves behind a sheer gloss. Baby lips does however claim 8 hours of hydration,which I'm not sure of, maybe if you didn't speak but the lasting power for me personally makes it to 3 hours which I think isn't too shabby for £2.99 each they are worth having to stash in your handbag and a quick cure for dry lips. To sum it up they're cheap, fun, taste and smell great, I'm hooked and will be purchasing more if they release more into the UK drugstores.

Sally Hansen Advanced HARD AS NAILS.
This product is pretty much self explanatory as in its a strengthening formula for your nails. I bought this product a few months ago now and apply it at the beginning of every week to strengthen my nails for work, the application is just like painting your nails and the formula's so thin its almost like water and so far has never chipped as it seem to become a part of your nail almost not like a nail varnish. You apply the strengthener before your base coat 2-3 coats. Since buying this product I have seen major improvements to the length of my nails and they are actually getting a chance to grow before getting caught and having to be cut down. I feel much more girly now I have nails instead of stubs and as you can see from the picture it lasts ages.

Square Mile Roasters - Kilimanjaro
So the Kilimanjaro crop of bean only comes around once a year and this year half of the farmers crop was affected by a disease called rust, making this roast gold dust. With this in mind I made sure I got my fill of it, my favourite way to drink this was through Aeropress which for some of you who don't know is a relatively new brewing method using a vacuum of pressure which forces water through the coffee making the brew, watch the video linked to see how it works. This technique of brewing is my favourite for this delicious coffee as it makes the brew very balanced and bursting with strawberries and cream flavours, that's the way I like it. (ah ha ah ha)

Dove summer glow
As the sun began to shine less each day my natural tan began to fade too, I had seen this product on the shelf's of my local Boots store and decided to give it another go after previously using it a few year back and finding it really streaky. I decided to go for the medium to dark shade as I like to see results fast and my knowledge of this products previous history with the light shade I could hardly tell the difference after 3 applications. After using this product I can happily say its improved and no longer leaves streaks, it fades equally and lasts a few days if you don't keep re-applying the gradual tan, I am currently applying it everyday for 3 days then every other day and let it fade and start again.

I'm not going to lie your going to think what a granny but whatever its all the range.. and this month I've gone mad for crocheting after being inspired by Bubblegarm 's blog and constant amazing creations to make my own blanket from granny squares before the end of winter and a few lessons on Youtube I finally understood how this crocheting business works. If your interested in learning yourself how to crochet this particular Youtuber was very helpful and videoed it slow enough and clear enough to see how to do it, don't be put off if you don't get it straight away as soon as you do get the hang of it its really easy. For my blanket I've gone for quite simple colours of white for the plain squares and peach for popcorn crochet squares.

Everyone has heard about it and I'm here to tell you its true, ITS AMAZING! I wasn't about to tell my boyfriend he couldn't play on it 5 hours a day because I wanted to play on it 5 hours a day! I can't seem to keep away from it, even just watching the game play is like watching a movie. Rockstar have done a great job the graphics on PS3 are amazing, the storyline to which you play 3 different characters each have very different back ground stories and personalities especially Trevor's unique personality whom I have become fond of, he really makes me laugh and its a great way to pass the time on these rainy days and wintery nights especially with Cara Delevingne acting as a radio DJ for 'NONE STOP POP FM' within the game. If your into gaming and haven't bought this you need to and you wont regret it.

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